• Delight your clients with premium customer service outsourcing

  • Save up to 25% compared to hiring in-house

We find, hire and host dedicated high-performing agents to work as an extension of your core team.

Moving customer service to ProcessFlows has been a 100% positive experience both for us and our consumers. We are saving a substantial amount of money and our customers are getting a much higher level of response to their helpdesk queries.

Olivier Thirion, General Manager Softcity, Avanquest Software

Customer Service Outsourcing

  • Dedicated agents working as a functional extension to your in-house team
  • Access to degree-educated multilingual talent base
  • Flexible rolling monthly contracts – no long term commitment required
  • Easy point of access – try outsourcing risk free
  • Scalability – build your team up or down, as needed
  • Reliable high-end infrastructure – facilitated collaboration between client and teams
  • Security and compliance guaranteed
  • Consistency, transparency and trust – we are your strategic partner

“I have been so impressed by the quality of staff ProcessFlows assigned to our project.”

Claire Agutter, MD of ITIL Training Zone

Established Infrastructure

Up and running network. Magnificently fast internet connection.

24/7 and Multilingual

We source degree-level educated multilingual talent. 24/7 support option available.

UK Company

We are an established UK business with over 30 years history.

  • Cut operational overheads by over 60%

  • 152 new customers in one year

  • Operational savings of €100,000 annually

“We have not looked back. Operating as an outsourced business saw Software Paradise’s profitability rise by 200% in year one.”

General Manager of Software Paradise


Why ProcessFlows?

ProcessFlows is much more than a service provider, we are a strategic growth partner to organisations looking to cost-effectively extend their existing resource base.

We grew our operations immensely by opening a back-office operation in Sofia 8 years ago. Since then, we employ over 150 full-time employees both for internal needs and as dedicated teams for clients.

We know nearshore outsourcing works because we used it to grow our business. Then we helped our clients grow and achieve their business objectives. We know how to do it for you too.

30+ Years in Business  |  Outsourcing since 2010  |  2,500+ Customers  |  75+ Outsourcing Clients

Ready to lift your business to a new level?

ProcessFlows Outsourcing supports smaller organisations’ growth by providing them with a reliable and cost-effective alternative to hiring customer service agents in-house. Start ups and fast-growing organisations choose to outsource with ProcessFlows.