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5 Nearshore Outsourcing Destinations: A Comparison


The search for great Nearshore Outsourcing destinations in Europe has been on the rise in the past couple of years. This is mainly due to companies discovering the countless advantages nearshoring offers when compared to outsourcing overseas. Cultural proximity, ease of travel and similar time zones all in balance with cost-effectiveness, have made nearshore outsourcing an attractive business endeavour to many companies in the UK and Europe alike.


Outsourcing Destination: Bulgaria

The IT sector, outsourcing and its subsidiary industries have grown tremendously over the last fifteen years as Bulgaria becomes an increasingly attractive nearshoring destination for software and business processes outsourcing.

It is fair to say that outsourcing in Bulgaria is entering its mature stage at this moment, with the support of the government, implementation of technical curriculum in the educational programmes as well as by establishing industry standards, associations and regulatory trade bodies.

The combination of talent, motivation, technical expertise and education in the young labour force is perhaps what has attracted international tech companies to open their offices in the capital city of Sofia.


Outsourcing Destination: Romania

One of the fastest growing in Europe, Romania is famous for being an attractive nearshore destination. Romanian labour force is multilingual, highly skilled and the country has a close proximity to Central European countries. Romanian outsourcing industry has a clear focus in IT-oriented fields such as software engineering and web development.

Romania’s reputation as an attractive outsourcing destination is on the rise. The 2015 Cushman & Wakefield BPO Location Index ranked Romania at no. 4, just after Bulgaria.


Outsourcing Destination: Poland

Poland is popular for many things and one of them is surely their outsourcing capability. It is one of the most established outsourcing destinations primarily because of its’ distance to major economies such as Germany, France and the UK.

With a tradition in technical education and history in manufacturing, Poland can offer highly skilled software engineers at a fair price.


Outsourcing Destination: Czech Republic

Another great nearshore outsourcing destination is the Czech Republic as it has been a choice for both direct investments and outsourcing related to the ICT industry.

The Czech Republic has a highly educated and motivated workforce and perhaps one of the best locations at the heart of Europe, which acts as a gateway to western and eastern markets.

The Czech Republic has had a long tradition when it comes to academic excellence, which is why companies outsource various business analysis processes that require research and development innovation. Prices of labour are higher when compared to Eastern Europe but still remain highly competitive.


Outsourcing Destination: Ukraine

The only country on the list that isn’t part of the European Union, Ukraine, has been a popular outsourcing destination in the recent years. Even the recent political turmoil has slowed it down, but it hasn’t been able to stop the fastest developing industry in the country – the IT sector.

Compared to the other nearshore outsourcing destinations on the list, on average, the costs in Ukraine tend to be the lowest. Companies are particularly attracted to the capital city Kiev which has attracted Ukraine’s top talent in software engineering – which is the main focus of the outsourcing industry in the country.

To read our direct comparison report between Ukraine and Bulgaria as outsourcing destination, check out our blog post.

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