5 Tell-Tale Signs You Need to Start Outsourcing with ProcessFlows

5 Tell-Tale Signs that You Need to Start Outsourcing

1. Day-to-Day Workload Is Piling Up


It is always unsettling when your existing team cannot handle the daily workload and everyday tasks start piling up in the backlog. It may be that your administration department has been overloaded with bookkeeping tasks or your marketing department cannot come up with fresh ideas because they are too busy coping with activities that don’t add value to your clients.


Or perhaps you don’t have a designated customer service team and your core staff has to handle customer enquiries, compromising service levels and diminishing their productivity.


An alternative to such stressful scenarios is to hire a dedicated outsourced team that will take care of such activities and free your existing team to focus on their core responsibilities that actually drive your business forward.


With nearshore outsourcing, you get access to an excellent talent pool at a fraction of the cost and overhead associated with hiring at home.


2. You Require Specialists that Are Not Currently Available Within Your Existing Team


If you are constantly getting projects that are very technical and require specialised skills but do not have the capability to implement, you might want to look into outsourcing. Of course, training your existing staff or devoting valuable time to find the right candidates locally are always good options. However, they require time and significant resource to execute properly.


Depending on the size of your business, hiring a nearshore or offshore technical specialist for a one-off project or alternatively hiring your own dedicated development team might be a better option. With the vast talent pool of technical specialists worldwide, it is easier than ever to find the right skill set for your specific need in a cost-effective manner.


3. You Experience Difficulties Supporting Your Customers


Every company should be delivering a great customer experience but without a dedicated in-house support team, the ‘support’ function often ends up distributed across various members of your organisation that may not have the capacity or the expertise to react to the problem.


Outsourced service desk teams are external teams that you can hire to handle support-related email and call communications with your customers on behalf of your company. The dedicated agents are specially trained to deal with support issues in a way that will make your clients happy. And the best part? By hiring teams to cover both working and out-of-business hours your business can truly operate 24/7.


4. Your Business is Seasonal


Some businesses are affected by seasonality more than others. If that applies to you and you notice that you have much busier periods during certain parts of the year, then it is likely that outsourcing the extra work during the peak months would be a better alternative than keeping that extra staff count all year round.


For example, if you cannot afford to hire a full-time advertising specialist, but your business does require the occasional advertising campaign from time to time, say at Christmas, then it makes more financial sense to have an outsourced partner that can take care of advertising only during the winter months.


5. Your Company’s Bottom Line Isn’t Looking Great


Hiring your own labour force carries some hidden costs apart from the wages, insurance, sick-leave, paid holidays, pensions and bonuses. Many companies overlook the physical costs of running a business such as technical equipment, office space, utility bills and software licenses to name but a few.


Depending on the contract you have with your outsourcing partners, they can cover a part or even the entire bill when it comes to staff expenses. In that respect, outsourcing is a smart way to reduce operational cost and boost your company’s earnings.


For instance, after they began outsourcing, our clients Software Paradise managed to cut operation costs by 60% as well as increase profitability by 200% in one year. Read more in our case study.



If you experience one or more of the above issues, maybe you need to consider outsourcing as a hassle-free alternative to bring your business to the next level. To discuss if outsourcing is right for your company, the potential costs and service benefits that you could realise, don’t hesitate to contact us by filling in the contact form below.



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