busting myths and misconceptions about nearshore outsourcing

6 Common Myths and Misconceptions About Outsourcing


If you speak to our outsourcing clients, many will admit to having had misconceptions about outsourcing prior to starting out. However, in the course of our engagement with them, we are proud to have busted every single one of those myths.


If any of the below are preventing you from considering this fantastic opportunity to grow your business in a cost-effective and scalable way, it is time to rethink them.


Myth 1: Outsourcing Equals Low Quality


Unfortunately, this is one of the most common misconceptions about outsourcing. Many businesses refrain from outsourcing because they associate lower prices with low quality. In the case of Nearshoring, this could not be further from the truth.


While it is true that using an outsourcing provider such as ProcessFlows will lead to a reduction in the cost of recruitment of 25%+, it does not come at a compromise with quality. On the contrary, talent availability in countries such as Bulgaria and Ukraine is extremely competitive.


Take our client Evolve Computers, for example. David Watson admits to having quickly realised that Sofia offered a broader talent pool than the UK, boosting degree-educated, multilingual individuals. Through working with ProcessFlows Outsourcing, Evolve were able to get access to qualified candidates who matched their requirements and later turned into great agents. Read the entire case study here.


Myth 2: Lack of Technical Proficiency


Technical capability demonstrated by high-quality outsourcing vendors is ever-increasing. Once reason is the rising expectations for excellent service levels from clients, and their requirements for niche technical expertise. This is the reason why supplier businesses take even more care to provide proper training to their employees and enhance their skillsets so they can take in more client projects.


ProcessFlows’ Outsourcing Facility is located in Sofia, Bulgaria, which boasts with incredible traditions in technical and IT education. A large number of software and digital technology academies along with large universities train and prepare thousands of software engineers and IT literate personnel that is often bi- and multilingual.


In our experience, technical expertise of the Bulgarian talent pool matches and exceeds client expectations. Clients admit that one of the biggest advantages of outsourcing with ProcessFlows is gaining access to highly educated and technically competent labour force.


Myth 3: Time Zone-Related Project Delays are an Issue


This common misconception comes from the practice of traditional offshore outsourcing, where the outsourced team is located far away from the client company’s headquarters. If you are a business located in the UK or central Europe, this risk is completely mitigated when outsourcing to a nearshore location.


Bulgaria is located at only a 3-hour flight from every major European airport, and the time difference is between one and two hours, depending where your base is. The working hours of the dedicated agents you hire match yours perfectly, meaning you experience virtually not lag when communicating with them.


This means that your daily meeting and catch-ups can be done using your preferred remote communication tools and having a dedicated outsourced team is no different to communicating with your home office workers.


As our client Roger Stocker from Intuitive BI puts it: “I wouldn’t consider them an outsourced resource now, I see them as an integral part of our team, based in Sofia. That is how our customers see them as well.” To read the entire case study, click here.


Myth 4: Language Barriers Will Hinder Effective Communication


This is a prevalent myth, which we bust by simply inviting prospects to join on a call with one of our agents, or better yet, visit the ProcessFlows Outsourcing facility in Sofia.


One of the biggest advantages to outsourcing in Bulgaria is the multi-lingual competency of the work force. Students begin studying English often as early as primary school, and most high-schools include it as a mandatory subject.


There is also a high availability of training in other European languages, such as French, Italian, Spanish, German and more. Within a single team we host for a Global Photo Print client, agents support their customers in six European languages. As a result, the business is able to deliver high-quality multilingual support to their clients at a low cost. To read the full case study, click here.


Myth 5: Hidden Costs will Drive Prices Up Unexpectedly


While it is possible for unexpected costs to pop-up particularly when outsourcing on a project basis, this is not the case when using our dedicated team model.


We make a point to offer transparent fixed-fee pricing to clients that covers everything from

the cost of hiring, training and managing employees, to renting office facilities, paying utility bills, buying equipment, covering sick and annual leave. This way, there are no hidden fees or surprising add-ons at the end of the month. We even disclose what our margin is, so you know exactly what you are paying for.

Myth 6: Only Large Organisations Can Afford to Outsource


With the long list of outsourcing destinations around the globe, there is no longer a barrier to entry when it comes to outsourcing.


From solo entrepreneurs building an online empire, to technical start-ups and small businesses wanting to automate their marketing process to the big corporation hiring teams to research and build new services. Any company could benefit from outsourcing.


With our rolling monthly contracts, we make it really easy to try it risk-free. In the words of client Roger Stocker from Intuitive, “We were offered some easy points of engagement. It was very easy to test the quality of the service delivered because ProcessFlows didn’t expect us to sign up for 6 or 12 months initially.



Hi, we are ProcessFlows Outsourcing. We help businesses grow their operations cost-effectively by hiring dedicated teams, out in our Managed Services Facility in Sofia. To discover more or just to have a chat with our experienced consultant Marina, fill out the contact form.

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