sofia as an nearshore outsourcing destination

7 Reasons Why Sofia is the Hottest Nearshore Outsourcing Destination in Eastern Europe Right Now

In recent years, most Eastern European countries have been developing their infrastructure and business climate in order to attract more foreign investments. One location in particular, Sofia – the capital of Bulgaria, has unsurprisingly turned into a superstar nearshore outsourcing destination for the below reasons.


  1. Availability of Technical Expertise


Sofia has a vibrant IT community that attracts exceptional technical talent. Companies looking to outsource their software development can rest assured that they can find seasoned programmers that are proficient in many programming languages. There is an abundance of both junior and senior developers that have a full stack capability in the standard languages – Java, C++, .NET, Scala, PHP, SQL as well as others. Companies can also find a large hiring pool of talent with experience in more specialised domains such as blockchain, machine learning, artificial intelligence and industrial automation.


  1. Universities and Education


The educational system in Bulgaria has a long tradition with a strong focus on natural sciences and mathematics. In annual global Mathematics and Computer Science competitions, Bulgarian students constantly rank in top three.


Sofia, in particular, is home to the country’s oldest technical universities that churn around 2,000 new graduates in the ICT fields of study each year. More recently, private vocational academies were established to keep up with the demands of the IT and outsourcing industries.


  1. Cultural Proximity


Bulgarians share European mindset in both work and life. Sofia is a very diverse cosmopolitan city and the majority of the population are fluent English speakers. In the past decade, the pool of talented people who have worked or studied in other European countries is expanding.


  1. Multilingual Capability


Mandatory learning of foreign languages in all levels of the educational system has resulted in multilingual population and labour force. Apart from English, students in Bulgarian high schools have to choose a second foreign language – with German, French, Italian, Spanish, and Russian being the most popular options.


Thus, there is ready availability of multilingual talent, ferociously devoured by companies in the outsourcing sector.


  1. Business Culture


A large amount of global companies that have established their nearshore operations in Sofia contribute to the development of an excellent business culture. Employees are motivated and have a strong commitment to their companies while business leaders value stability in establishing trust with their clients and partners.


  1. Location, location, location


Sofia is easy to reach from any part of Europe. There are daily flights between Sofia and most major European airports with the city acting as a regional hub that connects highways between neighbouring Balkan countries.


  1. Lower Cost


There is no doubt that Sofia is one of the most cost-effective environment for business in Europe right now. Labour cost in the ICT and outsourcing sector have increased in the last decade, helping to raise the standard of living for many Bulgarians, yet high-quality educated labour force costs less in Sofia compared to other European nearshoring destinations.



In 2010, for these and many other reasons, ProcessFlows opened our Managed Services Facility in Sofia, Bulgaria and haven’t looked back since. This strategic move allowed us to triple in size, and offer even better service to our customers. We now hire dedicated teams for clients, helping them grow their businesses cost-effectively and take advantage of the fantastic opportunity this Eastern European gem offers.


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