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Who are ProcessFlows?

In our 30+ years long history, ProcessFlows have had one mission – help our clients’ businesses achieve sustainable and scalable growth through optimising process in a cost-effective way.


We started by selling faxing solutions and expanded our expertise into the complete capture, processing, management and delivery of documents, voice and data. ProcessFlows has served over 2500 clients including a number of Fortune 500 companies, as well as public sector institutions across UK and Europe.


In 2010, ProcessFlows recognized a nearshore opportunity and took a leap of faith opening an office in Sofia, Bulgaria where we transferred a number of our back-end support processes. The undertaking was so successful we quickly grew and outsourced an increasing number of core business activities.


We were blown away by the strength of the talent pool and the favorable economic conditions in Bulgaria. After nearly tripling in size, we started sharing our newly gained outsourcing know-how with clients, setting up their own dedicated teams from our Managed Facility Center in Sofia.


From 24/7 multilingual helpdesk solutions to dedicated software development teams, we source, hire and retain top professionals who work on our clients’ projects. Get in touch today and let’s start building your perfect team.

Ready to lift your business to a new level?

ProcessFlows Outsourcing supports smaller organisations’ growth by providing them with a reliable and cost-effective alternative to hiring customer service agents in-house. Start ups and fast-growing organisations choose to outsource with ProcessFlows.