What Our Clients Say

A number of FTSE 350 organisations and fast-growing start-ups choose to partner with ProcessFlows and get access to industry-specific expertise and a cost-effective extension of their resource base. See what some of them say about how ProcessFlows helped them overcome their business challenges.

Evolve Computers - Case Study

“Having people that are able to quickly get up to speed provide a great service and represent us to those small business customers has helped us grow our business, retain our customers and provide an excellent service.”Read More »

Global Photo Print Company - Case Study

A global photo print company delivers customer support in six European languages cost-effectively by Outsourcing with ProcessFlows. The Organisation found what they were looking for – the ability to recruit a multilingual customer support team based out of Europe that can support their customers and provide the services they need at a low operational cost.Read More »

Intuitive BI's Case Study

“Having invested in helpdesk infrastructure in my previous businesses, I was acutely aware of the resources that this can absorb, which while delivering long term benefits can be disruptive to the business in the short term.”Read More »

ITIL's Case Study

Partnering with us to supply remote administrative resource to support online IT Service management students, has enabled ITIL Training Zone to sustain rapid growth and maintain profitability.Read More »

ProjxIT's Case Study

Partnering with us to supply a remote telemarketing service which promotes their Project and Portfolio Management Solutions, has saved ProjxIT 50% on the equivalent in-house cost.Read More »

Avanquest's Case Study

Every year Avanquest’s European operation sells hundreds of thousands of individual software licenses via Retail and Web in the UK, France, Germany and Spain, supporting customers via local language help desks.Read More »

Moving customer service to ProcessFlows has been a 100% positive experience both for us and our consumers. We are saving a substantial amount of money and our customers are getting a much higher level of response to their helpdesk queries.

Olivier Thirion, General Manager Softcity, Avanquest Software

“We have not looked back. Operating as an outsourced business saw Software Paradise’s profitability rise by 200% in year one.”

General Manager of Software Paradise

“I have been so impressed by the quality of staff ProcessFlows assigned to our project. The time taken to train and educate them about our business has been well invested. They go the extra mile for us without even being asked. They are proactive, coming up with new ideas, advising our students and following up to check that a problem has been resolved, or they have received information sent.”

Claire Agutter, MD and joint founder of ITIL Training Zone

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ProcessFlows Outsourcing supports smaller organisations’ growth by providing them with a reliable and cost-effective alternative to hiring customer service agents in-house. Start ups and fast-growing organisations choose to outsource with ProcessFlows.