CASE STUDY: Global photo print company

A global photo print company delivers customer support in six European languages cost-effectively by Outsourcing with ProcessFlows.

The Client – A Global Photo Gift Print Company

A global photo print company headquartered in the US has a network of websites and applications that let customers upload photos and design gifts such as mugs, prints, photo books, and wall art. The company operates internationally and has clients in most European countries, India and the United States.


The Challenge – Provide Multilingual Support to International Clients

Across their European operation, the Organisation serves customers speaking in six different languages. Hence, they have a requirement for providing multilingual customer support via chat, email and voice. In addition, they needed to respond to social media posts and monitor their app reviews in those languages. As a result, the business had a need for a solution that would allow them to deliver high-quality multilingual support to their customers at a low cost.


The Solution – Hiring a Dedicated Multilingual Team of 22 Customer Support Agents

In ProcessFlows Outsourcing, the Organisation found what they were looking for – the ability to recruit a multilingual customer support team based out of Europe that can support their customers and provide the services they need at a low operational cost. The Company currently has employed a team of twenty-two agents that provide support in English, Italian, German, Spanish, French and Dutch and are hosted out of ProcessFlows’ Managed Services Centre in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The Experience – Offshore Outsourcing & Remote Team Management

The Client has been very satisfied with their outsourced team’s performance. The Organisation’s Chief Technology Officer says, “It’s a pleasure working with ProcessFlows. They are very responsive to any issues and always willing to work with us on implementing our business processes.” When asked whether they have found remote team management challenging, the CTO replied, “We’re working closely with our local manager at ProcessFlows and it’s relatively easy. We’re on site to visit at least twice a year, so there’s no real challenge.


The Client’s Advice to Organisations Considering Outsourcing

Having gone through the process of successfully hiring and implementing an outsourcing solution that has benefited their organisation, we asked the CTO to give a piece of advice to companies who are still on the fence on whether to try outsourcing. The Client shared, “Carefully select your partners and stay closely involved with the process as you implement. It can work and be a good low cost solution, especially if you need multi-language support in Europe.

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