avoid outsourcing disappointment

How to Avoid Outsourcing Disappointment

Outsourcing can be one of the best business decisions you will ever take. Cutting costs and reducing stress for your employees can yield exponential rate of growth for your company.


Identify your current challenges


Outsourcing is about making things more efficient. If you have a clear idea of what your biggest challenges are, then chances are that you will be able to have a more clear and constructive discussion with your potential outsourcing partners.


Identify what kind of skills are currently lacking in your team that are critical for the future success of your company. Think about all the business processes that could be improved by out outsourcing such as customer support, marketing, lead generation and others.


Entering discussions with a clear vision of what you want to improve is much better than expecting partners to guess. Outsourcing partners can understand and accommodate for any business needs but it’s better to state your expectation clear from the get-go.


Find a suitable outsourcing model


There are a number of ways that a company can engage with an outsourcing partner and if possible, try to identify your preferred way prior to signing any contracts. For example, If you know that the type of work will most likely be a short-term project, then hiring a whole dedicated team will cost more and is generally not advisable.


Or if you know that you will need continuous support with your marketing activity, then it wouldn’t make sense to hire an outsourcing company only work on a seasonal campaign. It would be much better to develop a dedicated team that will ensure consistency in your marketing outcomes.


Compare nearshore and offshore locations


Do spend a bit of time step researching nearshore destinations close to your geographical area. You may not need to look very far to find an outsourcing partner that understands your business and is offering a cost-effective solution. In any case, by doing so you will get a feel for the different options, cultures and business conditions that you can expect.


Allow ample time to find the right partner


Finding an outsourcing partner you can trust is very important and time invested in due diligence and discussions is never lost.


Research your potential partner, verify that their portfolio and past projects are genuine and if possible – talk to their previous clients. Gathering as much information prior to engaging with them will save you a ton of potential headaches later.


Pay attention to any quotes and contracts you receive from potential suppliers – they should be easy to read and logical in structure and should reflect the agreed scope of work that you have previously discussed with them.


Ideally, quotes for dedicated teams should have clear performance metrics which should demonstrate that the supplier is committed to honouring their side of the agreement’s details. If these aren’t included, discuss how you would track progress for teams or what constitutes a final deliverable if you are outsourcing projects.


Clear vision and communication


Remember that clear communication is the biggest factor for outsourcing success. If you are already outsourcing, make sure you are sending clear instructions to your outsourcing partner. If you are constantly changing your requirements or you are not clear as to what should be your dedicated team’s responsibility, then even the most capable outsourcing partners will not live up to your expectations. Only if you set a clear direction and outline your vision, your outsourcing provider will be able to make it a reality.

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