Partnering with Managed Services provider ProcessFlows to supply a remote telemarketing service which promotes their Project and Portfolio Management Solutions, has saved ProjxIT 50% on the equivalent in-house cost.

Delivering IT projects on time and within budget

ProjxIT specialise in Project and Portfolio Management Solutions and Services.

Real-time information is key to successful project management,“, says MD Ian Carvell, “only when you have an accurate and complete view of both planning and execution activities, can you efficiently determine what work to do and then allocate tasks and responsibilities which will enable you to meet the overall business objectives and deadlines and achieve budget targets.

ProjxIT use a cloud-based work management solution, Clarizen, to provide managers with resource visibility and control, including employee workload and capacity, risk and issue management, time-tracking, portfolio management, request management and much more.


A new venture, a new way of telemarketing

ProjxIT made the decision to use telemarketing to promote their business. It was a risk to commit to employing a full time telemarketing person straight away – this could cost the business around £40,000 a year, taking into account salary, NI contributions, holiday entitlement, etc and hidden costs such as additional IT resource and office space.

So the Company decided to test the water first and outsource their telemarketing to ProcessFlows. This would allow them to buy in the level of service that met their budget and gave them the added bonus of being able to gauge the effectiveness of any telemarketing campaign against expectations, in a flexible way.

Telemarketing campaigns need to be executed by professional telemarketers

Telemarketing needs a dedicated and knowledgeable resource to be successful, so ahead of any telemarketing campaign, ProcessFlows make sure that their customers’ services, products, business model and objectives are completely understood.

The telemarketing team is then trained and equipped with full knowledge of the products or services they are marketing, before making any outbound calls. This prepares them to deal with a range of anticipated questions from potential customers professionally and achieve a higher success rate.


ProcessFlows’ outsourced telemarketing services save time and money

Using someone else’s resource means that costs and responsibility are minimised, leaving businesses free to focus on developing the leads generated by their dedicated telemarketing team, into direct customer relationships which will underpin business growth.


Room for growth

ProjxIT started their telemarketing outsourcing with a limited service from ProcessFlows, which equated to the output of a part-time member of staff. The proven success in the first quarter means that the operation was scaled up and ProcessFlows are now supplying a level of service equivalent to a full time in-house member of staff, at a considerably lower rate than ProjxIT could have expected to pay to fill the position in the UK.

All of our BPO packages are specifically tailored to meet the unique requirements of any business. Costs are fixed and SLAs clearly defined.

If ProjxIT want to continue to keep staff overheads down as business grows, they can opt to outsource their other business processes including administrative services, helpdesk, data entry, server monitoring, etc, to ProcessFlows.

Ready to lift your business to a new level?

ProcessFlows Outsourcing supports smaller organisations’ growth by providing them with a reliable and cost-effective alternative to hiring customer service agents in-house. Start ups and fast-growing organisations choose to outsource with ProcessFlows.