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What are the Benefits of Offshore Outsourcing to Bulgaria?

Bulgaria is one of the most popular nearshore outsourcing destinations in Eastern Europe and for good reasons. Whether you are looking for an outsourced call centre operation, or an extended development team, the cost-effective landscape of Bulgaria is perfect.


One of the biggest advantages of Bulgaria over other nearshoring and offshoring outsourcing destinations is the ready availability of highly educated multilingual workforce.


Many Bulgarians pursue their higher education in European and American educational institutions, and children start learning foreign languages often as soon as the age of 8. As a result, fluently multilingual workers are readily available across all industries.


Speaking about economic stability, Bulgaria has been going steady and strongly upwards since it joined the EU in 2007. Also, a member of NATO and with its currency tied to the Euro, you can expect predictable and stable economic conditions.


The cultural affinity with Western European countries also helps increase the country’s attractiveness as an outsourcing destination. Moreover, the time difference is just an hour or two from all major European cities, and flights take no longer than 2 to 3 hours.


Bulgaria’s outsourcing industry represents just about 4% of it’s GDP, as indicated by the Bulgarian Outsourcing Association (BOA) and its development doesn’t hint at any backing off.


So here are the reasons you should consider outsourcing in Bulgaria in brief:


  • 1. Maturity and strong development of the BPO and contact focus sector, with more than 22,000 workers operating in the industry


  • 2. Excellent language abilities across all major European languages. 45% of the Bulgarian people speak at least one other language, while 85% speak English


  • 3. A very qualified, educated and adaptable talent force – 28% of the population hold university degrees


  • 4. A solid tradition in IT, software development and customer service


  • 5. Cultural affinity with the Western business world


  • 6. Geographical proximity to Central and Western Europe


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