nearshore outsourcing dedicated team model

Why Dedicated Teams Are a Good Way to Outsource

The dedicated team is a great way to add-in much needed resource and expertise when you anticipate an increased workload to your existing business. Done right, it is a long-lasting strategic cooperation with a service partner that will help you grow your company in line with your most ambitious business goals.


No need to do recruitment or hiring


Dedicated teams members act as your own in-house employees in that they are fully committed to your company and contribute equally to your team. Legally, dedicated team members are employed at the company that is your nearshore or offshore partner.


The big difference in contrast with traditional hiring is that you don’t need to go through the time and money consuming process of looking for candidates, evaluating their skills, conducting background checks and due diligence, preparing hiring documentation, payroll or any other administrative matter. Imagine it as “borrowing” someone else’s employees for a fee each month.


No need to rent an office space


Increasing the headcount at your company affects your total cost of labour but wages aren’t the only cost to have in mind. If you are hiring more people to your team you will have to provide a suitable working environment for them and that may be renting extra office space, setup costs, computers, servers, utility bills… adding up to a pretty hefty bill.


In the dedicated team model, all of the above infrastructure and rent costs are covered by your outsourcing partner and it’s their responsibility to make sure employees have a safe and stimulating work environment that stimulates their productivity


No need to micro-manage


Management of teams is often overlooked but the reality is that any team needs management to be productive. With dedicated teams, you don’t have to worry about it.


Apart from recruiting and hosting the dedicated team, the outsourcing partner also provides Project Managers and Business Analysts in order to coordinate the day-to-day workload of the team making sure that they meet deadlines and milestones that you have agreed upon for the month.


Apart from coordinating teamwork, Project Managers also make sure that you are at all times informed regarding what the team is doing and how they are progressing. They will update project management systems, compile timesheets and communicate team, analyse and schedule workloads for each development cycle.



No long-term contracts


The flexibility that dedicated teams offer is unparalleled. Contracts are clear and transparent and the business practice is to offer a fixed price per team on a monthly basis. At any given point you can cancel the contract if there isn’t enough work for the team, or alternatively scale up the contract if you need more dedicated team members.


Dedicated teams are all about having the option to “pay as you go, no strings attached”, being able to scale up or down each month according to the workload you are getting without any long-term commitment needed. It is a win-win scenario for both the client and the supplier which is perhaps one of the reasons why it has become such a popular way to outsource in the last couple of years.



Whether you are looking for an additional person or would like to build a new product or service for your company portfolio, you don’t necessarily need to hire extra employees and invest in extra office space, equipment or additional management. Hiring a dedicated team is a great alternative to in-house staffing when you are looking for high-quality output at a minimum cost.